Meet our purveyor of fine goods, Ivey. Growing up as the daughter of a successful Interior Designer, she was inspired from an early age and developed a talent for accentuating the beauty surrounding her. From buying trips to market to sorting hundreds of samples, Ivey has always been hands-on.
After spending her college years and early 20's assisting her mother with design projects, she set out on a new path and spent the next decade working for celebrities and high-profile personalities - you can ask all the questions you’d like, but her lips are sealed! While she gained invaluable experience, her creativity couldn’t be harnessed for long, which led to the creation of Mimi Morton.
Ivey settled in Memphis in 2017. It was here that she pursued her passion and unleashed her creativity building Mimi Morton. It’s been a thrilling and tumultuous few years, and Ivey is reveling in the warmth and community that Memphis has provided.
Looking ahead, we’re excited to bring an all-new selection of curated goods and experiences to share with you in the new year. We welcome you to join us on our journey.